Teuila Festival

Teuila Festival is one of the Samoa’s most celebrated annual events and one of the South Pacific’s biggest cultural festivals. It includes variety of activities - the choral exhibition, traditional Samoa Siva (dance) competition, Fire Knife Dancing, Long Boat Racing and much more. It is colorful and attracts lot of Samoans - lucky chance for photographer.

Cultural Siva Competition

Siva – traditional Samoan dance. Teuila's visitors enjoy different parts of the Samoan Siva - graceful dance, performed by women, where the dancer tells a story with her hands and fast actions of slap dance, performed by the men. 

Fire Knife Dance

Teuila international Competition Siva Ailao Afi (Fire Knife Dance) - one of the most spectacular and popular parts of the festival. Leading performers from various Samoan villages demonstrate their creativity and art in this traditional show.

Samoan Long Boat Race

SIFA Fautasi Challenge - Long Boat Race, where villages compete for top-honors. Long boats were used in the past for inter-island transport.

Fautasi Challenge

Second place team

Choral Exhibition

Christian church groups demonstrate their singing talents and compete for the Teuila choral title.

Untitled photo


Teuila Festival is visited mostly by locals and returning locals (from Australia, New Zealand, USA). They enjoy performances, various activities, food. Smiles, laugh, happy faces of young and elders are everywhere. But most spectacular are the kids – running and playing freely until late in the night, adding liveliness to the event.

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