Fa'afafine Pageant 2016 - stepan peregonchuk photography

Fa'afafine Pageant 2016

Fa’afafine of Samoa is Samoa’s own 3rd gender identity. The term fa’a means “to be”, fafine means “a woman”. Fa’afafine are not just cross-dressers, not males who have been reared as females – most see themselves as females despite their gender markers.

Samoan culture treats and respects fa’afafine. Western culture through religious influence does not, so different villages and districts treat fa’afafine differently. The modern fa’afafine run successful businesses, work as employees in the tourism and hotel industry, and are rather successful in entertainment industry – shows, fashion parades, annual pageant contests.

The theme for Fa’afafine Pageant 2016 was Eat the Colour of the Rainbow to promote health of a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables.

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